tea seminars at L'Aroma

Did you know that Orange Pekoe has nothing to do with the citrus fruit? It is actually an old term used in grading different types of black teas. A cup of black tea has less than half the caffeine as a cup of black coffee. Most tea consumed in England between 1650 and 1850 was green and oolong - not black! That’s one of many things you’ll learn during the tea seminar.

The two-hour seminar will be hosted in a cozy and custom designed tea seminar room and can accommodate up to eight sippers at a time. The seminar will include a photographic slideshow of tea production in Sri Lanka, leaf origins, history, and health benefits of tea.Four or five different Ceylon teas will be tasted and Afkham will show you how a professional cupping (a tasting technique) is done. Afkham also offers tips on brewing and choosing the right teapot. Participants will be given the knowledge and confidence to make their next tea purchasing experience more specific to their own personal needs. Even if you don’t understand a word of what Afkham is saying about "character of the crop," or when they refer to the tea as the "liquor," you will be drawn to his genuine enthusiasm and passion for tea. After processing so much enlightening information, you are welcome to try the large collection of Ceylon Teas, available downstairs in the Café.

The tea seminars are led by Afkham Salie, President of Royal Teas, LLC, who is Certified by the Specialty Tea Institute of America. Afkham, a Sri Lankan national, resided in Sri Lanka for 14 years, during which time he sourced tea directly from the plantations and exported it to U.S. markets. His family has been exporting tea and the finest of what Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon) offers for over 4 generations. Afkham has also spent many years in Hong Kong and Japan, savoring and studying green teas from those regions. He has conducted seminars for Timeless Teas on Newbury St., at the Boston Center for Adult Education, and various corporate events. His company also consults Cafés and restaurants on tea and tea marketing.

Make a reservation and take two hours to slip into the warmth and wonder of Afkham’s tea seminar, conducted at L’Aroma Café and Bakery in West Newton.

$28 per person, advance payment, minimum of two people for each seminar. Your Tea Seminar reservation can be made any day of the week, between 9am to 4pm. Reservations and inquires can be made by e-mail to westnewton@laromacafe.com.

We also do rentals for our entire Tea Seminar room. There will be a non-refundable, advance payment of $50 per hour for the rental of the Tea Seminar Room at our West Newton location.

Tea Seminars conducted by Afkham Salie